VI 前言(Preface)
VIII 第一版前言(Preface to the First Edition)
X 致谢( Acknowledgments)
Part I 平面设计拉开帷幕The Prologue to Graphic Design
从史前到中世纪的视觉The visual message from prehistory through the medieval era

01书写的发明(The Invention of Writing)
02 字母表(Alphabets)
03亚洲的贡献The Asian Contribution
04 手稿Illuminated Manuscripts
Part II 平面语言的复兴A Graphic Renaissance
The origins of European typography and design for printing

05 欧洲印刷的开始Printing Comes to Europe
06 德国插图书籍The German Illustrated Book
07 平面设计的复兴Renaissance Graphic Design
08 一个印刷天才的纪元An Epoch of Typographic Genius
Part III 通往二十世纪的桥梁 The Bridge to the Twentieth Century
工业革命:工业技术对视觉传达的影响 (The Industrial Revolution: The impact of industrial technology upon visual communications)

09 平面设计与工业革命 Graphic Design and the Industrial Revolution
10 工艺美术运动及其遗产The Arts and Crafts Movement and Its Heritage
11 新艺术运动Art Nouveau
12 二十世纪的设计天才们The Genesis of Twentieth-Century Design
Part IV 现代主义时期 The Modernist Era
二十世纪前半个世纪的平面设计 (Graphic design in the first half of the twentieth century)

13 现代艺术的对平面设计的影响The Influence of Modern Art
14 图画现代主义Pictorial Modernism
15 新的语言形式A New Language of Form
16 包豪斯与新版式The Bauhaus and the New Typography
17 美国的现代运动The Modern Movement in America
Part V 信息时代 The Age of Information
全球化时代的平面设计 Graphic design in the global village

18 国际主义平面设计风格The International Typographic Style
19 纽约平面派The New York School
20 企业形象与视觉系统Corporate Identity and Visual Systems
21 概念形象The Conceptual Image
22 后现代主义的设计Postmodern Design
23 国际语言与国际对话National Visions within a Global Dialogue
24 数码革命及其以后The Digital Revolution—and Beyond
572 后记Epilogue
574 参考书目Bibliography
582 Image Credits
586 Inde